Shangri-La Hotel Dubai - Shang Palace Re


Peking Duck
Peking Duck with pancake
Assorted Dim Sum
Deep fried chicken with dried chili and sichuan pepper
Steamed mushroom bun
Cheung Fun with prawn
Crispy prawn with mango-mayonnaise sauce
Deep-fried tiger prawns
Sauteed black Angus beef wit red chilli
Fried noodles with lobster
Mud crab, grouper, Boston lobster
Braised local sea bream
Golden king prawns with dried chilli
Wok friend grouper
Sizzling wagyu beef with chinese mushroom
Braised abalone with vegetables
Stir-fried seasonal vegetables
Chocolate dumplings
Shang Palace Chef
Shang Palace interior
Shang Palace Private Dining